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Jon Clark, Professor Elemental and Nick Maxwell have recently been wearing ill advised costumes, climbing pylons and shooting girls in the face with distress flares. They've made an album.


released September 9, 2011

Dizraeli, Longusto, Vecks, Legs and Holly Holsta
Beats by:
Tom Caruana, Herbie Dragons, Mr Cooper and Cuth
Produced by Jon Clark
Mixed and Mastered by Mr Simmonds



all rights reserved


jon clark Brighton

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Track Name: So Special
El: Jesus, he's a bit keen
Jon: That's because I got a sweet sixteen/ You hear the synergy of him and me like seeing split screen/ Nick is in between glittering machines where beats are guillotined/
Stripped clean to fit the slip stream.../
Brighton at the height of summer/ Freestyling by the surf with the drummers and the fire jugglers/ Hypnotised by the flying colours/ Like munted clubbers I'm trying to summarise life but just mumbling something or other/
And lyricists sneer because they're afeared of us/ But if the wind veers they could keep that appearance.. so serious/ Maybe cos they synchronised their periods/
So I'm here to cheer them up.../
We come from a wonderful chunk of the country, rolling with summer soul/ Girls to make you somersault/ So if you're stuck and uncomfortable somewhere no fun at all/ Then make like an old tampon and get out that bloody hole.

El: And we got Nick Maxwell on the crossfader
Jon: Welcome to the Special School, we're freaks of nature
El: And we got breath control like ladies in labour
Jon: Honey we're the dream dreamers, we're the music makers

El: Well I'm Elemental and I'm meant to be eccentric and different/ Extra prolific vivisectionist, I left em in stitches/ I'm never resting wrecking sets, legendary lyrics/ And I'm offset with sets of gimmicks and we're ready to rip it..
And kids are getting pathetic
Jon: But dude, do not fear!
El: The crew got here's so deep, we got scuba gear/
I'm like a superhero with tunes for years/ On the loose like a stampede of moose or deer/ With loops and clear flutes for my souveniers/ Of all the moods, tears, fears and the boos and cheers/ But through the years...assume that I'm moving near/ I'm producing the proof that'll prove I'm here.../.. To stay, done blazed, done working everyday/ Cos today is the tomorrow I worked on yesterday/ Rejected renegade, next guest'll get the brakes/ So when the rest get all rejected, I still get the extra play...

Jon: And we got Nick Maxwell on the crossfader
El: Yo we pack a lightsaber like Lord Vader
Jon: And we wade in making waves in a town of wasters
El: We're just two gents rocking Special School blazers
Track Name: A Scolding
( The leaders of today show us the way. All together now...)
Jon: Nah, we aren't keen to be in charge, are we?
El: Hardly.
Jon: I find that hierarchies nark me/ But when art scenes start becoming arsey nazis...El!..
El: Wot!
Jon: They drive me bloody kamikaze
El: I hate promoters who throw a low blow cos they don't know a dope show/ Loaded with prose from the so so/ So openings blow, most people don't go/ And acts are solo like Han and don't grow
Jon: RunDMC really triggered me to spit/ But Run recently's been preaching bout some creepy shit/ Some Prosperity belief for rich greedy pigs/ Cheap as chips/ Just an old skeezer like Eedy Britt
El: Yeah we're giving out a scolding like a sarge does a rookie/ Like a father catching sons snatching jars for the cookie/ They're about to get a spanking cos they're dirty like a secret/ About to walk the plank cos they deserve it and they need it
Jon: You get them cretins pausing at pedestrian crossings/ When the next oncoming threat is a kilometre off from them/ Astonishing.../ Oi! These crossings are for the blind populace/ With guide dogs, holding white walking sticks
El: Motorists show their fists at the slightest provocation/ Chauvanistic posed as righteous road raging
Jon: I'm so dismayed!
El: Some people should never play at parenthood/ Who never took the time to play like every single parent should...

Hook: Nothing is getting better
El: Doesn't it make you sick?
Jon: Nah you're just wingeing
Hook: It's like a bad dream so have a good scream and panic!...

Jon: Pfff...I laugh at drama queens starting scenes, charged and steaming/ Feeding off of petty things, are they so starved of meaning?/ Whenever I'm feeling like my calm's receding/ Then I cast a fleeting glance up at the starry evening
El: Oh I hate job's worths, working in jobs/ Who treat the person's below as the dirtiest slobs/ So every posh snob with a surplus of cash../ Treats every other job like it's worthless and bad
Jon: From an early age I played on cityscapes like monkey frames/ Believe they call it 'Free Running' these days/ As companies make commodities and jump any craze.../ The stuff that we rate just becomes a bloody cliche
El: Hi! Have you thought about a personal loan?
Jon: Just re-mortgage your home
El: Don't delay!
Jon: Just pick up the phone!
El: Oh for Christ sakes am I the one to bubble like a cauldron.../ Get my willow cane and administer a scolding?
Jon: First against the wall should be Kim Cattrall/ Chris 'ginger balls' Evans...
El: And the Fun Loving Criminals/
Jon: That biddy Noel Edmunds and Davina Mcall/
Needles in dolls of Liam Gallagher and Steven Seagal
El: Anne Robinson, Dermot o Leary, Michael Parkinson/
And don't get me started on Carol Vordermann and Clarkson/ Stars who use the cause then conveniently stroll away/ I'm talking Bono, Robbie Williams and that cunt from Coldplay.
Track Name: Too Much Information ft. Longusto
Longusto: My condition all started in Prague/ When I went over to visit the visitor's strip bar/ Largeing in Braha 1, shopping for honeys/ With a pocket full of woppers and the monopoly money/ And I go through the brothel door/ Ballsy and cock-sure/ Ready for a drink and a lot more/ Propositioning the women sitting within the vicinity of me, I'm trying to speak with a dropped jaw/ I pick one of them/ Pay the cashier, then I disappear up to the room for a lot of fun/ We get there/ 10 seconds later we're bare on the bed with her legs in the air/ The only problem was that when I got down to it couldn't do it cos my knob had gone soft/ Now she's laughing, slagging me off/ And now I gone gone flaccid and I can't get it up...

El: I found her out of work, I'm astounded by the round arse/ Half classy girl with a foul mouthed laugh/ She allowed me to take her out, thought my luck was heading up/ Picked her up, threw some quips, great, I didn't fuck it up/ Took her out to dinner, laughed over Calamari/ Got the bill, she took my hand and said ' I want to party...'/ I had a couple pills for just such an occasion/ Went to Audio and hit the floor like we were raving/ So high I'm nearly shaking, we left to head back/ We made it to my flat but I'm fucked I said 'in fact.../ Perhaps I'll make us tea! Play some tracks I made in 93/ Show some baby photos, smoke a joint of this Jamaican weed'/ She became impatient, in my head is where it's taking me/ In the end she went to bed, I stayed up staring vacantly/ Too high to try it on, my aphrodisiac was wack/ Please just keep it quiet that I acted like a twat...

Jon: Paul, can you hold my pint a second?
El: Mate, didn't you just go?..
Jon: Better out than in/ I give my mouth a rinse and plow into the crowd again/ Encountering...Pow, her in the blouse with prim countenance/ Bouncing like something found up in a house of sin/ We hit it off at top speed/ She's bossy but that don't bother me/ Not even her autopsy doctor degree/ She asked me back for coffee so provocatively/ And while we leave they're rocking ' You got what I need..'/ It's looking promising, we stop for a proper kiss/ But something's wrong with it.../ (urgh!) Forgot I vomited/ It's not a problem miss, I got the strong mints!/ But then I trod in dogshit, lost my confidence/ I'm thinking mayday!/ Explain i'm fading away/ Arrange to meet later again at a cafe in the lanes..../Where I wait in vain, what a lame jane!/ But then retracing the way I came, I pass another place with the same name.
Track Name: Joey and Marie ft. Dizraeli and Holly Holsta
Diz(Joey): This might sound weird but have we met before?
Jon: She never really fell for anybody else/ Saw him at the airport carousel, was like...
Holly(Marie): Fucking hell...
El: He never really fell for anybody else/ They were under spells, people on the bus could tell/
Jon: Yeah they were both glued, destiny's a future that you don't choose/ Marie's like...
Holly(Marie): Don't spew but I feel like I've always known you
El: Echoing her world view as though he knew her home truths/ So two months later, they moved in under their own roof
Jon: And soon a year's passed like it's written in the stars/ But today Marie returns early from her dance class
El: Joey heard the key in the lock, swallowed hard...
Diz: Last chance
El: Saw Marie and he dropped, last gasp, last glance...
Jon: Yeah she watched him fight it as she rocked him, crying/ Saw the box of Doxylamine, the vodka dry/ And when the docs arrive, there's simply not the time/ The night Joey died and Marie lost her mind

When Joey died, Marie went mad...

Jon: It was back around when they first met...She asked his star sign.../
Diz(Joey): Pisces, March the 9th
Holly(Marie): Nah you're lying...
Diz(Joey): Why?
Holly(Marie): Bizarre, so's mine!
El: Like they were harmonized, he'd finish half her lines/ They even laughed alike, like they were part entwined/
Jon: Marie found it so immersive that it made her nervous/ Told her brain...
Holly(Marie): I've earnt it! (But it's way too perfect...)
El: From the day of his birth, He'd been raised by strangers, felt the pain, He'd been hurt...
Diz(Joey): This is way too perfect....
Jon: Now back to the bathroom, the glass tomb
El: A letter on the carpet
Jon: She moved in a trance like her heart knew...
El: It read...
Diz(Joey): I had a chance to uncover my past roots/ They said my mother's dead and my father's passed too/ But I have a twin sister, lives in town somewhere.../ Saw your name written down and now I'm drowning...
Jon: Yeah, she never heard the paramedics, but they found her there/ Her face a thousand yard stare/ Tearing out her hair...

When Joey died, Marie went mad
Track Name: Pie ft. Legs
Legs: I’m out for the P I E/
You can tell by the look in my E Y E/
I won’t give up, until I D I E/
Cos kids like me wanna be B I G/
I won’t let it cool down I’ll just burn my tongue/
And I couldn’t care less for where it’s from/
Whether it’s fresh or whether it’s been there for long/
It gets set upon cos I’m fairly young/
And I’m greedy, even telling porky pies/
To get to the insides, I’m brought alive/
When I smell it in the air, yo, I walk the line/
For the Johnny Cash the things I’d do would mortify/
And I’m stubborn, telling fans that I love ‘em/
Just to see the tray coming out of the oven/
My reputation is at stake and kidney/
Till I’m pushing up daisies I’ll be taking liberties/
I been surviving on bread and water/
It’s why I’m so desperate to head to Forfars/
A hungry animal that lead the war charges/
And I wouldn’t leave specs even if I wore glasses/
Been waiting for years it’s time to take mine/
Wanna be a made guy and along the grapevine/
I hear that I might, right now, get my chance/
When the pie’s in my grasp and you won’t get a glance like that

El: You want a slice or a portion, I advise caution/
It's time for the rise of the Pieman talking/
I hold the mortgage you're renting, I'm writing/
Inventions are mine when I rend them and bite them/
An oversize glutton, stuffed to the ends/
On your ideas, contracts and publishing/
Discouraged by underlings funding themselves/
I need percentage on everything, cupboards and shelves/
I hovered in vaults, holding secretive jars/
With the dreams of the people who seek to be stars/
I'm keeping the key ingredients grasped/
Steal if your schemes are reaching too far/
Stay in your place while I'm making your cake/
And I'm taking a piece when you take it away/
I got low cost loans, overdraughts/
And a cash advance, just know the charge.../
Is a slice of your soul, a midnight snack/
In my nice penthouse, looking right at your flat/
Buy it back at a price that is right, it's a fact.../
That I'll rise, mighty Pieman collides on the track/
I survive every act, I provide what they lack/
Excited cause slices are mine while you catch.../
The crumbs. I dine on your life's work/
Spider to fly, don't cry, this might hurt...

Jon: Well you can keep your pie
El: But why?!
Jon: Well to be polite, like, it's a diseased piece of shite/ People reach for the sky, bright lights and the media hype/ Needing that immediate slice/ But a piece of pie's never been my reason why/ See I feast my eyes on the dreams deep inside.../ These mic freakers who be freely speaking their minds.../ Eyes gleaming like a meteorite
El: Ha Ha Ha
Jon:Here comes the Pieman with a dish yay-wide/
Twenty four rappers baked inside
El: Take a bite!
Jon: I'm okay just 'staying alive'/ Wealth is a state of mind/ I got a good thing and they'll all come pushing.../ Out the door, so why try to get my foot in?/ Kids hooked in and hoodwinked, looking for pie, should try my home cooking.../Grab a granary bap from Sainsbury's bakery/ Basically lace it with sweet garlic mayonnaise and baked beans/ Or marmalade and Brie/ Dolcelatte cheese and a flayed pink lady/ Baked potatoes, peas ans gravy/ Cream cakes and pastries/ Dreamy milkshakes made with Baileys and pralines/ Mate, suddenly a piece of pie may seem less amazing.
Track Name: Wilbur and Orville
Diz: Because the possibility is infinite right?
Jon: Right. You just got to put the ideas next to eachother...
Diz:Yeah! So what's it gonna be, what you gonna have?
Jon: I'd own the rights to a prototype motorbike/ Mobilised with a dope mode for flight/ As glowing nitros ignite, we rise into the open sky...
El: Hold on tight!
Jon: We're bout to go for an ocean dive...
El: Well I'd reside where the surface is the ceiling above me/ Riding in on my own giant robot sea monkey/ I need a hand held screen that allows you to see/ The alternative scenes as to how it could be...
Jon: D'you fancy an acme invention attached to your head and../ When you imagine anything you get a flash of fluorescence/ That is...a technicolour holographic projection/ Even crashed in bed you're catching segments that you dreamt of...
El: I invented a dragon spitting rainbow fire/ I command through a hat made of day-glo wire/
Jon: Safe in space attire made of angel fibre/ I'm a volcano diver...
El: A tornado rider!
Jon: When I'm inventing
El:I got a head full of engines
Jon: When I'm inventing, I got a head full of measurements/ Have you put the child inside to sleep?/ And lost your capacity to dream?
El: Show me you're still alive!
Jon: You can have anything you like...
El: What would you visualise?
Jon: I want a waterslide, forty stories high/ A winding wall of pipes that fork and divide/ Forest like, shining like the fucking northern lights...
El: Where people leave traumatised
Jon: Their hair resembling porcupines.
El: I need a theme park you can only see in the dark/ That departs in a sheen of glowing green sparks/ And weaves through the tunnels in a showy cream cart/ So exciting you can only scream and breathe hard!
Jon: I want total recall/ Info retrieval with no momentary stall/ When I flow in freefall
El: I want to go medieval in my own cathedral/ With machines that feed into my holy dream cult
Jon: I'll make my home a deep vault of foam and teak walls/ Just so when sleep calls, I'm not woke by seagulls
El: I'll make my home a deep hole full of glowing green mould/ On a throne of beetles, In my robe and sheep skull
Jon: When I'm inventing...
El: I got a head full of engines
Jon: When I'm inventing, I got a head full of pestilence/ Have you put child inside to sleep?/ And lost your capacity to dream?
El: Show me you're still alive!
Jon: You can have anything you like...
El: It's the time to improvise...
Track Name: The Antidote
El: Your rap is pallid rage, average aggy bloke/ I rave inhuman black raps, Edgar Allen Poe/ I can't stand like in a paddleboat/ We stand alone so hand the rope/ Not to hang, but Captain El will let you up, so grab a float/ Washed up on a sandy slope
Jon: Or washed up getting badly soaked
El: Like shaking up a can of coke, I'm waking up the fans with jokes/ And slamming quotes to leave you happy like a bag of smoke/ At shows I'm groped like catholic nuns who try to grab the pope/ I don't ram it down your throat or battle antlers like an antelope/ I just sling the slang to split your melon like a cantaloupe/ Shit that sells, hits our shelves, hell I'm glad I'm broke/ The vagabond to wrap it up so phat you need a macroscope/ To see the plan in action, it's so massive and it's dope/ I don't butt in like a ram and goat/ Or fad like telly talent shows/ Here's some cash, just get get your coat, grab a cab and go/ If rap's the masses' opiate we're back to bring the antidote...

Jon: And my bad aromas have been known to wake the dead/ Invading maisonettes; shaking you vacant space cadets/ And paper chasers with shaven chests/ Wailing wet serenades with pained expressions like they're bout to lay an egg/ We always came correct, staying fresh to great effect/ Upstaging plebs' blatant laziness/ I walk a razor's edge to remain cutting like a bayonet/ Cutting like my mate G petz/ Major heads get blazed and flex vague at best/ As stuck in their ways as scalextric racing sets/ 'Never confuse motion with action' as Hemingway once said/ You may be taking steps, but remaining in place; like majorettes/
Mate, instead of safe repetitive behaviour, lets have a game of chess/ Or play some laserquest/ Take the stage undressed/ Making threats of taking crowd participation to a greater depth/ Yes.
Track Name: Hungry ft. Vecks
Vecks: So tell me what happened man
Jon: I don't even want to think about it...
Well...The night it begun, I was up in a night club/ I saw this fight erupt and one of them bit my wife
Vecks: Fuck.
Jon: And you?
Vecks: Me, I was sat on a night bus/ And one of the kids beside us was acting all riled up
Jon: Right..what, and then he tried to bite someone?
Vecks: He tried to lunge for me but I ducked and he struck the guy in front/ Time to run...
Jon: So...how'd you get outside? You're stuck...
Vecks: All I remember is the violent crush/ And the driver's stunned face, he applied the brakes too late and sent us straight into the base of a viaduct...
Jon: That's quite fucked up
Vecks: Yeah, my mind was in a kind of fuzz/ Nausea rising inside my guts/ As I climbed and jumped from one of the windows which had been bruck by the mighty shunt
Jon: What a slice of luck
Vecks: I fled blind in a primal rush/ And ran until I could feel the fire in my tired lungs/ And by the light of dusc/ I felt my eyes adjust to the panic which was spreading through the environment/ Tell me bout your wife...
Jon: I drug her outside the club, but it was riotous/ Hungry animals in a writhing flux/ As sirens cut through the screams of dying drunks/ Dissected alive in front the lights of the fire trucks/
Vecks: Crikey son, how'd you survive that one?
Jon: I dragged her flying and cut through behind an Irish pub/ In a winding run, stumbling over piles of junk/ 'Are you alright there hon?'/ She said her side's gone numb...
Vecks: You didn't realise what the virus does...
Jon: We lived nearby and just wanted to get inside the door and then slide it shut
Vecks: Christ
Jon: She said she'd like a hug/ I felt her icy touch/ She tried to tear my windpipe...I ..um/ I think I picked a rusty old iron up and wildly swung/ Until I couldn't recognise the bride I loved...

News Reporter: We're in Notting Hill, a part of London. Who knows if this report will ever be transmitted. Communication is, at best, limited. The city it seems is overrun with man eating creatures and...
Camerawoman: They're coming!
News Reporter: Run!
Van Driver: Shit

Jon: Hey...hey man, wake up
Vecks: Unhh
Jon: Oi, we have to move
Vecks: What's happening dude?
Jon: I just seen a massive group of them attack a news camera crew
Vecks: Is that the truth? Mate, I'm trying to catch a snooze...
Jon: Listen, I hear their van abandoned, it's our chance to scoot
Vecks: But their ranks are huge, I'm not in a gambling mood
Jon: We're down to two cans of soup, we need to bag some food!
Vecks: Man, I'm famished too, but if we leave the gaff we're screwed!!
Jon: Shhh dammit do you want them fucking smashing through?
Jon: That's it, MOVE! C'mon fast, the loo!
Vecks: Ahhh!
Jon: The latch is loose, pull the handle to!
Vecks: Aww we're trapped, we're doomed!
Jon: Nah, this backs onto the avenue
Vecks: Hold it, I'll scramble through...
Jon: Fuck that, I'm coming after you!
Vecks: Ahhh my shoe!
Jon: C'mon the van!
Vecks: Where to?
Jon: The van was...
Vecks: Dude?!
Jon: It's fucking vanished.
Vecks: Oh you twat, I knew!..
Jon: Watch out in back of you!!
Vecks: Ahhh!!
Jon: Use your hammer!!
Vecks: It's no bastard use!!
(Van sound)
Jon: Look!...
Vecks: Is that...
Jon: The van!!
Vecks: My god it's actually true!
El: Climb aboard lads, find something to grab onto!
Jon: Man, thank you!
Vecks: Sorry, I might have to puke...
( Van swerves wildly)
Jon: You're a madman!
Vecks: I'm getting smacked black and blue!
El: Stay down boys, I'm about to ram us through!
Jon: Woah!!.....
What's the plan then?
El: Soon we'll back on the back roads and travel to../ My country manor sat in a panoramic view/ See my wife and my little girl are panicked too.............
Well here we are...
Jon: Damn, it's huge!
El: Well it's home, amble through, go on grab a brew
Jon: The door slammed!
Vecks: It's jammed!!
Jon: What you playing at?!!
Vecks: This room smells baaaad...
Jon: Fuck you!!
Vecks: It's like a rancid tomb.
El: I've had the doors reinforced so they're shatterproof
Vecks: Quick, find the lights!
Jon: Nah, they're knackered!
Vecks: Dude, I just saw the shadows move!!...
El: Sorry lads, a man must get his family food/ Please understand, this is something that I had to do.
Track Name: Second 2 None
El: From the second I'm awake, I'm restless, demanding/ Eat anticipation for breakfast, I'm starving/ Producing beautiful new tunes to spin/ I'm assuming ludicrous pseudonyms/ I'm tuning an invention, every second is a sentencing.../ Where soon is an adventure and forever could be anything or everything/ Precious treasured seconds to be measured in/ Precious memories left as excellent specimens/ Settle in and listen, every second I'm menacing in masks like I was entering some Mexican wrestling/ I'm dark entropy's enemy and ready to run/ I race past every day like the setting of suns/ Til each verse is the best that I ever begun/ So instead of just words, turns to getting it done/ Are your seconds heavyweight if they were measured in fun?/ Will you settle second place or end up second to none because...

Time keeps on slipping

Jon: I'll second that/ I been collecting seconds back since I was a sweaty lad/ Man, still I never let one pass/ I want my memories pregnant, fat/ So that I'm not a scratched record as a grandad
El: Life moves pretty fast
Jon: And so I catch the blur/ Sixty snaps per minute, the photographs occur/ With an attention span that burns Attenborough's cameras/ Can I capture Planet Earth?
El: Yes!
Jon: Not a sec sec second to waste/ They're getting away!/ I'm watching documentary tapes.../ Of Nepalese beehives with hexagon shapes/ Covered in insects that can make Mexican waves/ Oi! Whatever your name/ Let's pay attention again and document the pleasure, the pain/ If you thought you we're dead anyway.../ Would you sex on a plane if you reckoned only seconds remained because...

Time keeps on slipping
Track Name: Graveyard Shifts ft. Dizraeli
Diz: In a moment of no motion, the city shimmers and pauses/ The buildings held in position by different forces/ The houses whisper the stories of the people in them/ I'm willing to whisper with them/ Living the lost hour, metal shutters cover the shops now/ The call to consumption finally locked out/ The sober folk are back in their boxes/ So aside from the staggering drunk who grabs at his monsters.../ It's just me and the badgers and foxes/ Who vanish in the shadows, fast as a clock's tick/ Take it, take in the air cos it's yours/ There's no traffic to steal it, no police with their various laws.../ To say which direction you can't walk in/ Walk to the cemetery, catch a scarlet morning.../ Fling it's first fingers of colour from the coming sun/ The fingers by which the dark'll be undone/ The sun suddenly comes struggling free from the horizon/ A rumble of life hums in the stomach of Brighton/ And each nugget of light brings a wonder inviting me to come and imbibe it/ I'm happy where I sit and nothing is like this...

This Graveyard is my garden. A place of calm where I can take the stars in...

Jon: I been visiting the cemetery regularly since I was twenty three/ My friends and me, we leap the fence and weave through an annexe of trees/Where granite effigies nestle in nettle leaves/ Asleep at Gethsemane/ We're descending deep to the church by the waterfall/ The terminal where the horse-pulled coffins halt...
Diz: Jon, we're gonna tour the memorials
Jon: Y'know I'll just coch, it's cool, I got some thoughts to scrawl/ I'm on a stroll until I found a good nook in the woods/ Put down my rucksack and then I took off my hood/ A ladybird is whooshing in to get a look at my book/ I blew her back in the bush, so that she wouldn't get squooshed/ I lean against grey bark in a great graveyard/ Bathing in a star until the glade is dark/ 'Change your heart'/ Look around you at the fading grass/ We age and break apart/ Are you frightened? I am/ But then inside, when it's silent, I find a piece of diamond lightning/ I don't even like to describe it/ Just kind of a wild quiet riding behind our eyelids/ Reminding me the epiphany my mate once came with.../ 'Energy never dies it just changes state' ,which is why this location is sacred/ And why a field paved with graves is my favourite place...

This Graveyard is my garden. A place of calm where I can take the stars in...

El: I didn't want to come here in the first place/ First taste of fear, this is clearly the worst place/ I should be nearly in bed, eyes heavy and rested/ Instead it's adventures for those interested in opposing a regular entry/ Instead, we climb over the fence to find friends sedentary/ An end to an accentuated garden of secrets/ Punctuated by the restless feathers of the sleepless/ The three of us climbing into an obelisk/ Creeping sheepishly through the sleepiest necropolis/ Midnight possibilties, black is white/ And for a second every resident comes back to life/ In essence, reminding us that time is limited/ So in the time left, every breath that's given is an incredible inevitability/ Acknowledging death gives a shred of humility/ Left with an illegible entry, an etched footnote/ Stone platitudes, the next good quote/ I find inspiration in the night air and the company/ Find life in the graveyard, each sight is somebody/ And I'm sure they're glad of the company too/ That these three gents found something to do/ Where the residents sleep and the memories seep into B-movie scenery and unmeasured peace.